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Choosing your child's school is a big decision and Wangaratta is blessed with a number of excellent schools so take your time to consider all choices.

Our Lady's suggests that families spend time talking with the schools that they are considering. Have a visit, or two, to  get a feel for the atmoshpere of the school and to see if the programs will suit your child's needs. Remember you are enroling for seven years not just prep.

We can be contacted at any time to discuss the school and what is has to offer.

Below is the procedures section form Our Lady's Enrolement policy


Availability and advertising for prep enrolments will be done in line with Catholic Regional Education Wangaratta arrangements and time lines for that year.


Enrolment through out the year may be considered after discussions with teachers, families and schools supporting the child. Enrolement will be conditional on available space in the current year and in subsequent years. Typically enrolments in years one to six should happen at the start of the school year.


The parent information booklet containing school information will be given to parents when they receive the enrolment form at the school office. This booklet may be taken home and read before a final decision on enrolment is made by the parents.


Parents are to bring the enrolment form and information booklet to an interview with the Principal and questions by both parties can lead to a finalisation of enrolment of the child/children.


All children to be enrolled must have a School Entry Immunisation Certificate provided by the local council and present a copy of their birth certificate.   


The Parish Priest is also available to answer any questions prior to parents making a decision on enrolment.


A commitment to support the school financially and its actions and ethos of the school ( see attachment 1)is a requirement of enrolment.