Our Lady's Primary School, Wangaratta

Our Lady's is a faith community built on the Brigidine traditions to provide quality education and respect for all.

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At Our Lady's Primary School, we believe that education underpins everything we do. Education is also the key when it comes to student behaviour and safety. 

SWPBS is a process that establishes systems and practice for teaching social and behavioural skills which in turn enhance learning and teaching. Schools have a responsibility to provide an education to students in safe and predictable environments. Establishing a positive, proactive, preventative school wide set of behavioural expectations is a necessary first step for enabling schools to achieve their goals and responsibilities.

SWPBS is an organisational framework, and is not a specific "program”, “model", "approach", "tool", or "specific curriculum", but a compilation of research- validated and effective practices, interventions, and systems change strategies.

SWPBS provides a framework for:

  • improving the social behavioural climate of schools

  • supporting or enhancing the impact of academic instruction on achievement

  • increasing proactive, positive, preventive management while decreasing reactive management

  • integrating academic and behaviour supports

  • improving services for all students, including students at risk and students with identified disabilities or diverse learning needs.

School Wide Expectations

At Our Lady's, we have three school wide expectations that underpin everything we do. They are;

- Do your best

- Help others succeed

- Respect your school

Student Behaviour Framework - Catholic Education Sandhurst Limited

All Sandhurst Catholic Schools must ensure the policies and procedures that are implemented at school level are consistent with this CES Limited Student Behaviour Framework. As Our Lady's is a CES Ltd School, we follow the Student Behaviour Framework.

SWPBS Guidance

Student Behaviour Policy

CES Limited Suspension, Negotiated Transfer & Explusion of Students Framework


Our Lady’s  Primary School provides a child-safe environment, where all students have the right to be treated with respect and dignity, and will be protected from harm.

The Sandhurst Catholic Education Office and Schools acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land on which their Offices and Schools are built. We commit to working in partnership with Aboriginal people for reconciliation and justice.